Tianping Mountain shot maple leaf

  The ancient poetry has a cloud "parking to sit in love Fengting night, mulberry leaves red in February flowers", compared to the red of mulberry leaves, the red of maple leaves is even more stunning, far away like the red clouds of the evening glow, close look like Tingting girl. With the footsteps of the early winter, Maple leaves quietly reddening themselves.
  There is Xiangshan in the north and Tianping Mountain in the south. As a famous scenic spot in China, Tianping Mountain is aspired. Our photography association recently organized a trip to Tianpingshan “Photographing Maple”. It not only stimulates the creative inspiration of the small partners of the photography association, but also brings a visual feast to everyone.

group photo
    The early winter bleak, the winter breeze noodles, did not affect the interest of the photography association's small partners. While creating maples, creating, framing, composition, and “Click”, the works are born.Let us appreciate--look down.

Remnant autumn

Faithful leafrather critical

Maple leaf in front of pavilion

Red leaves 

Floating on the water
  Through this activity, the photography association has also presented a visual feast for everyone. Appreciate beautiful works and create beautiful products.

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