1.Tooling design capability
 Over the years, AIRI not only provides customers with casting molds and precision parts, but also uses extensive engineering experience and CAE, CFD soft to provide customers with suggestions for improvement. Through the mold flow analysis software, AIRI has been able to solve more than 80% of problems in advance.

Figure 1. Model flow analysis of the reducer housing provided by Ai Rui for customers
2.Mold manufacturing capability
At present, AIRI have the ability to design, manufacture and assemble 200 sets of molds per year. The use of slow wire and precision grinding machines to manufacture high-precision molds, vacuum heat treatment to reduce product processing and improve product life.

Figure 2, mold processing

Figure 3, 300T clamping machine

Figure 4, mold warehouse
3.Foundry ability
 AIRI can cast all kinds of alloys (such as: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, etc.), aluminum alloy casting machine from a total of 20 sets of 160T-2500T, more than 90% of aluminum alloy gold casting machine is equipped with automatic ladling , automatic reclaiming and automatic spraying robots. It can cast parts ranging from 0.007 to 68kg, and the zinc alloy casting machine has more than 10 sets from 10-200T. The cast aluminum liquid adopts the centralized melting method to facilitate the control of the quality of the raw liquid.

Figure 5. Centralized melting furnace

Figure 6, No. 1 aluminum alloy foundry

Figure 7, No. 2 aluminum alloy foundry

Figure 8. Zinc alloy foundry
4.Precision machining capability
AIRI has more than 200 sets of high-precision machine tools, and the annual processing parts are above 3000000PCS. The maximum machining accuracy is 0.003mm.

Figure 9, a corner of the precision machining workshop
5.Surface treatment capability
 AIRI owns a series of oxidation automationlines and spray automation lines that pass strict environmental protection certification and supporting cleaning, sandblasting and shot blasting equipment.

Figure 10. Automated production line for oxidation and spraying
6.Quality Control
AIRI strictly manages tooling design and product manufacturing in accordance with IATF1694:2016 and ISO9001:2015 systems.

Figure 11, Measurement Center

Figure 12, AIRI project and quality management documents

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