AIRI technology limited is founded in 2012, the company specializes in aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and magnesium alloy casting mold design, manufacturing, die casting casting and CNC precision machining. AIRI's engineering and   production team has rich experience . There is a deep understanding of the technical requirements for there fields die casting such as in automotive, communications, LED lighting, medical and so on. Use a wealth of experience to provide   customers with a large number of improvement suggestions and cost optimization solutions.
    The material is mainly concentrated smelting, and can produce castings with a maximum projected area of 6250 cm2 (pressure is 40 Mpa, clamping force is 25000 KN). The die-casting island adopts automatic spraying and robot picking.
    The company uses CAD, CAE, CFD, CAM software to achieve product design and analysis (such as: strength, stiffness, fatigue resistance, etc.), die casting tooling design, analysis (such as gas porosity, misrun and cold shut ,etc.), tooling and die-casting parts manufacturing The whole process is digitized, and the PLM software utilized effectively manage the life cycle of parts and corresponding data files.
   By introducing the IATF16949:2016 quality system, the success rate of die-casting tooling and die-casting parts is improved, and the delivery efficiency and delivery quality are improved.
   The company adheres to the business philosophy of customer-centered, people-oriented, win-win cooperation, continuous improvement, creating surprises for customers, creating opportunities for employees and creating value for society.

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